4 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf When Pregnant


During pregnancy, a woman goes through so many changes in her body that require her to keep watch over her body and above all remain fit. As you continue to grow, finding exercises and sporting activities that do not compromise your body state or put you at risk becomes harder. Playing golf is advantageous because, although it involves a bit of walking, it is low intensity, and comes with many benefits especially for the expectant mother.

If you have never played golf, invest in an instructor and get learning. If you have played golf then you should continue doing so even when you are pregnant. Either way, make sure you consult your doctor before playing so that they can check against your medical history if there are any risks involved and help you adjust to the game.


Once your doctor gives you the green light, feel free to play golf as much as you can.

If still hesitant, gain confidence from the example of Carrion Matthew: she was five months pregnant with a lovely bump when she won the HSBC LPGA Brazil Cup in 2009, and still had a wonderful delivery. She was playing pro which takes much more strength and effort than playing for fun and keeping fit. The benefits of playing golf.

The exercise when expecting, one of the things your doctor will tell you repeatedly is that you need to exercise on a daily basis. It eases the strain of pregnancy and keeps your muscles strong, enabling you to have a smooth delivery. Golf offers wonderful exercise when you play it at your pleasure and walk from one hole to another.

Walking energizes your legs and is good for your hearts. Balance Golf requires posture and form hence helps you to keep your stability. Your dog and stability change when you get pregnant, because of the bulging bump and it is important to keep your balances.

Keep weight in check you have or are experiencing the major and diversified food cravings. It usually is hard to prevent oneself from giving in to these cravings and the result for many is an increase in weight. Golf releases about 1000 calories in the day when you play. You keep your weight in check that could otherwise give you complications during labor. It also helps you to keep gestational diabetes at bayed.

Emotional balance the hormones in your body are responsible for the many physical changes you go through and enable your body to get pregnant and deliver safely. The side effect is the emotional roller coaster you have to go through. Your moods can change over three times in a single day and it can be very taxing for you.

Golf offers you the fun of an outdoor activity in the sun and cool breeze. This does wonders to keep your moods in check. The adrenaline in golf game enhances your emotional development and is good for your baby.

Cautionary measures for the pregnant golfer when pregnant your body is delicate and you are vulnerable. To ensure your safety and that of your baby when engaging in golf, kindly adhere to the following: Play with company – do not go for a golf session alone even if you have a trainer it is best to have company not only for the social benefits but in case of anything you will not remain helpless in the vast golf course. Keep hydrated – it is good to exercise and burn the calories but keep hydrated to avoid fatigue. Water will help your body keep cool.

Your baby needs the water as well. It may be scary to hear it but a miscarriage and premature labor have often been caused by simply lacking enough water. Take it slow – one of the changes in your body is the loosening of your ligaments to help you carry your weight. Even if you are a pro player, play your game slowly and take your time to avoid injuries.

Golf courses have many things on the ground in addition to the hilly terrain so keep watch. If you feel any pain even if it is light, stop playing. It is better to be safe than develop complications later. Eat well to keep your blood sugar at optimum levels and prevent you fainting from the exhaustion.

Carry a phone with you as part of your golf kit and have all the necessary number on speed dial. Unexpected things that are not your fault occur during pregnancy so it is best to be prepared. Chad is a passionate golfer and blogger who loves to play golf at PGA Village during weekends and holidays.

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