All about Deca Durabolin


DECA durabolin50mg/ml solution is a clear yellow oily solution comprises hormone Nandrolonedecanoate. It used to treat osteoporosis in menopause women and also estabishes bone mineral content due to this joint relief and increase production if red blood cells occur. This injection is particularly popular only because of its therapeutic benefits and less number of side effects.

Body builders or athletes use Decadurabolin 50 for performance enhancement and bulking effect. It has ability to increase nitrogen retention in muscles due to which muscle tissues shows endurance and fast recovery after work outs. Decadurobolin 50 in athletes improves bone density helping them in fast relief of joint pains when injected into the muscle for long lasting results.


Dosage and precautions

The dosage of Decadurabolin50 is less potent and slow acting steroid. So it is taken for a cycle of 10-12 weeks and not less than 8 weeks for the expected results. Athletes prefer oral but in this case it is taken once in 2-3 weeks. But in case it is used for therapeutic purpose it is advised to take Deca Durabolin at 50 mg per week.  The dosage vary depending on the purpose of injection like for therapeutic effects 50mg to 200mg every 2-3 weeks, bulking and endurance 100mg to 400mg upto 12 weeks. If the dosage goes beyond that, it would damage liver and cause adverse effects. Women can also take this drug upto 50mg per week for the expected results and more than that causes virilisation effect.

It is an intra-muscular injection needs to be administered by a doctor and extra care needs to be taken for elderly patients. The blood check needs to be done regularly to verify the increase of red blood cells which may lead to complications. Any other medical problem like hyper tension, migraine, diabetes, liver or kidney problem has to be discussed with physician before taking the injection. It is always advised that over-the-counter drugs are to be avoided and only prescribed medicines are to be taken if necessary.

Effects and side effects

Nandrolone hormone in the injection reduces levels of free thyroid. It also stimulates the growth of red blood cells and retains nitrogen levels which help in hardening of muscles. It also stops 11-beta hydroxylase action avoiding hyper tension. It produces large amount of cortisol in the beginning of the cycle which helps in relieving the joint pains. It also provides good immune system and do not cause any harmful effects on cholesterol and thus being a safe steroid that can be used for long time.

The major side effect which can occur would be suppression of natural testosterone. The DecaDurabolin50 which has Nandrolone hormone will suppress 75% of natural testosterone production. There is some research which shows this suppression may go upto 100% irrespective of precautions taken.

Hence it causes low sperm count and impotence.


Decadurabolin 50 definitely works when taken in recommended dosages. It needs to be stacked with other steroids like D-bol for avoiding the side effects like testosterone reduction. D-bol is a potent drug. The injection needs to be supplemented with healthy diet and intense workouts for long lasting and expected results.

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