Best Gift Guide for Corporate Gifting


When an occasion like Diwali, New Year or Christmas is around the corner you might have probably received a lot of gifts from the company. But most of the times corporate gifts are either left unnoticed on the work station or are distributed amongst the lower staff. But not any more we have come up with gifts which are sure to strengthen the relationship that you share with the customers.

Corporate gifting is not a hard thing all you need to do is just keep some things in mind to ensure that you have the best gift in your hand for your best clients. Corporate gifting not only helps in building the association stronger but at the same time spreads good will in the industry too. Here are some things that you should keep in mind that will surely make you stand out and make the association stronger.

When you picking up a gift for your client, it is important that you shouldn’t go overboard. Don’t pick up gifts which are expensive because that might mean that you are trying to buy the complete business of the company. A bunch of flowers on any given occasion will be just appropriate to make them feel special.


Corporate gifts should have some utility, look for things which can make their life simpler and organized. There was once a company where I saw heap of papers piling on the table. I felt that things were not organized and employees used to run from one end of the room to the other in search of pen because these are easy to lose things. To make things easier, we thought of gifting them a business organizer which made lives simpler for them. Although, it was a simple gift but it made a lot of sense for our client. Organizers can however be best corporate gifts for our clients.

When you have sent a gift to your client explain it to them indirectly as to why you had chosen one gift over the other. People like to do business with people who really care about them. A thoughtful selection will be obviously appreciated more over others. People would love to see that you have walked extra mile to notice the minutest detail possible.

Sending out gifts on occasions such as Christmas and New Year is quite obvious, how about surprising them on an occasion when they have least expected it. Once we had sent out gifts to every employee of our client’s company with a candy box on Valentine’s Day. It made them feel special and moreover on a day when they were least expecting it.

All these are small things but if you keep in mind, they, might give you huge returns. Hence, keep all these things in mind while planning a gift for them.

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