Clenbuterol-A Weight Loss Pill


Clenbuterol also is known as clean is an anabolic steroid which helps in losing weight. Clenbuterol is also available under the name of spiropent, Bilateral, Australian, and ventipulmin. They are very populated r among athletes and bodybuilders because of its effects on enhancing the performance. Clenbuterol increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system because it is a sympathomimetics amine. Many athletes have been found guilty of abusing Clenbuterol.

However, they claim to get clen in their body by meat contaminated with Clenbuterol. In some countries such as the USA client is scientifically proven to use and legal to buy and consume. They have claimed to do research and study on it and comes out that it is not harmful for use. While other countries such as the UK it is completely banned and illegal to use, sell or even purchase in the countries.


people do use the online method to use it for weight loss. Countries such as Canada allowed using client’s alternatives but that is also by prescription of doctor or physicians. FDA after doing it research on clen have banned it from using it in any food or dietary products. Clenbuterol is easily available online at very reasonable rates.

Clenbuterol basically affects the central nervous system and brain both to stimulate beta 2 receptors. These receptors are specifically present on adipose tissue which is also known as fat tissues. When clen stimulates and binds with beta 2 receptors, the fat started breaking into free fatty acids, thus burning calories and hence losing the weight. Clenbuterol is also acted as a bronchodilator which helps in treating the patient with asthma. Clen is first designed with the vision of healing or treating human and animals with a breathing problem. It is even successful in treating asthma in animals such as horses and is wide uses as medication for animal since then.

However, it is not available for treating asthma inhuman as it leads to side effects which can become severe and cause dangerous health issues. Clen is available and legal to use as vet nary product but often uses by the human as weight loss supplement. It is found in form of capsules, gels, injections, pills, and nasal sprays. Due to its effects on improving strength, mood and enhancing performance, it is widely used by sports industries and even by Hollywood celebrities.

However, it is illegal to use and banned by many sports organisation after finding many of the star players guilty of using it. In most of the cases these players claim to eat the meat contaminated by Clenbuterol as clen is given to animals for treating them, still, they are found guilty and dismissed or suspended from the games. Clenbuterol is the most popular steroids of all the time and due to its effects, it has been at a top level in the market all these years. But research and studies shows that clen’s overuse results in side effects which are of short term and long term respectively. Some of the side effects are as follows:

Increased blood pressureHeadachesNausea and vomitingMuscle crampsShakinessSweatingInsomniaIncreased heart ratePalpitationsAnxiety and NervousnessDry mouth

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