Do you want a perfect selfie pout? Try lip fillers!

lip fillers London

Lips are the ultimate sensual facial feature and one of the first things noticed by the next person. Being the very central feature of the face, they tend to attract a lot of attraction. Makeup such as lipstick and lip gloss are often used to make them prominent. For this purpose, experimenting with one’s lips has become the new trend that seems to be catching on even though it has been around for quite a while.

Kylie Jenner has set forth a wave in the cosmetic industry with her lip business that is thoroughly marketed by her luscious lips which are the evidence of a good lip filler treatment. There are so many options for getting the treatment and Lip fillers London seems to be quite a popular one among youngsters and aged people alike.

What is Lip Enhancement?

If you don’t know about the treatment don’t worry, you will not be judged for living under the rock. But you will get a thorough lesson on the treatment and how you can use it for treating your own vices regarding the mouth region. There are various treatments that come under the umbrella of lip enhancement.  They are designed in a particular fashion to plump the lips by evening out the upper and lower one along with eliminating any wrinkles, fine lines or sagging of the skin around the mouth.

lip fillers London

Lip Implants

Implants are composed of natural human tissues and some artificial materials. The procedure is slightly invasive. Incisions at the edges of the lips are made to insert the implants. It has shorter longevity as the body is able to break them down easily due to their biologically nature of the implants. Some of these are:

·       autologous tissue implants

The autologous tissue implants are made from natural material such as tissues and fats existing in human body. Fat implants are liquified before inserting them in the lips. It is either obtained from a donor or the surgeon takes it off from your body part where it is not needed. Owing to the fact that it uses biological tissues, the treatment tends to give a very natural volume and touch to the lips.

·       homologous implants

The homologous implants also known as Alloderm implants is a good option for patients who do not want to undergo surgery to obtain the needed tissue for the autologous implants. Alloderm is a human skin tissue with low rejection rate. So, it can provide softer and fuller lips to the patient without having them go through a surgery to obtain the tissue. The longevity of these implants varies from person to person.

·       Synthetic Implants

These are fully synthetic implants. Some examples are Gore­Tex, Advanta, Ultrasoft etc. They are composed of biocompatible materials that although are not found in our body but neither do they put it at risk, once inserted. They are capable of providing beautiful shape and texture to the lips.

Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers

These are the alternative to invasive treatments offered above for your lips. These are injectable fillers that offer temporary results, making them quite popular. The simple procedure combined with the highly effective and immediate results gives the patient the perfect treatment one can desire to plump their lips. This treatment also gives one the opportunity to design their own treatment by letting the aesthetic practitioner know what kind of lips they want.  They usually last for 4 to 6 months.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that embodies intercellular volume. It can hold 6000 times more water molecules than its own volume which gives it the ability to plump the sagged skin and wrinkles. Unlike collagen, it does not only plump the lips only but also trap its stored water to give a shiny, natural pout. Lip fillers London have grown very popular over time.

Enhancing the lip’s cupid bow

There is definitely not a single shape of lip that makes them more attractive. There are a number of options that are to be chosen from by keeping in mind other facial features so that every feature looks proportional on your face. The cupid bow can be enhanced along with the vermillion portion.  The two philtral ridges that make up the cupid’s bow, with the lip fillers give the perfect shape that is voluminous yet looks very natural.

Procedure of non-surgical Lip augmentation

Numbing cream is applied on the lips before injecting lip fillers directly under the skin. A massage follows the injection to help spread the filler evenly across the upper and bottom lip. Instant result can be observed but due to the water-soluble nature of the fillers, the final result will not appear until 3 to 4 days have gone by.

Recommended Lip fillers

Lip fillers with high concentration of non-animal, cross linked hyaluronic acid increase the longevity of the volume boost. Juvederm and Restylane are the most popular and reliable hyaluronic acid fillers for the purpose.

The cost of lip fillers

Lip filler injections can cost you minimum £215 to £1500. It varies with the amount of fillers you’ll need. The more you want to plump the, the more they will cost. So, you better start saving up if you are serious about following Kylie Jenner’s steps to get voluminous and shapely lips.

Don’t follow the trends blindly, make a decent choice!

There are a lot of options available in the market and a lot of people tend to become victim of popularism without understanding what shape goes with their face proportions. Getting natural fullness complemented by plump perioral areas requires technical and artistic skills but is the best option to not make it appear as if it is overdone.

On an ending note, lip fillers are a highly recommended treatment for the lips to give them volume and a luscious look without the need of surgery. Hyaluronic fillers are used by the body for moisture retention. So, using them in lips makes them luscious, hydrated and smooth while giving them a beautiful shape. Hence, helping you achieve the perfect selfie pout for your girl’s night out.

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