Everything You Need to Know About Network Spinal Analysis


Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a unique chiropractic treatment that goes beyond simple realignment to help patients experience better overall health and wellbeing. It also encourages patients to learn how to maintain their health on their own without the constant need for a chiropractor to work with them.

Here are some of the common questions you may have about NSA and some answers to help you understand exactly how you can benefit from this treatment in the hands of a professional.

What Kinds of Patients Undergo Network Spinal Analysis?

There are many types of patients who can benefit from NSA treatments, including everyone from infants and toddlers to mothers, fathers, college students, and the elderly.

People experiencing symptoms and illnesses such as back pain, fatigue, colds, flu, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, and many other ailments can significantly reduce pain and discomfort while restoring their health through this treatment.

Unlike quick temporary treatments, Network Spinal Analysis is a long-term treatment that maps your neural system to determine how to meet each individual’s unique health needs and develop an effective plan.


How Does a Chiropractor Develop an NSA Treatment Plan?

Patients go through a thorough initial examination to study their posture and spine and see how stress and tension have affected these areas.

Specialists perform a computerized scan of patients’ nervous systems, spine palpation to see where tension is stored in the spine, and specific NSA checks to learn where tension and stress are located in the nervous system.

Based on these scans and analyses, a specialist can determine if you are the right candidate for NSA chiropractic care, and work with you to develop a schedule that works best for you depending on your own wellness goals.

How Quickly Does NSA Work?

Oftentimes patients experience results immediately following their first treatment, but the body may need to detoxify in certain instances as it heals.

Symptoms indicative of detoxing include exhaustion, increased bowel movements, and sinus drainage, but these symptoms don’t usually last for long periods of time.

The time it takes to experience results is also dependent on the severity of your conditions or symptoms, along with how well you have maintained your health over the years, and how well you continue to treat your body and mind.

This is why nutrition and physical wellbeing is necessary, through the consumption of fresh organic foods, plenty of water, sufficient sleep, and exercise. It is also necessary to find healthy ways to alleviate stress and avoid it as much as possible.

What Does Treatment Feel Like?

Generally, Network Spinal Analysis treatments entail gentle contact of fingertips on certain areas along the spine, which culminates in a light tingling sensation, deeper breathing, increased heat or blood flow, and/or an overall peaceful feeling in the mind and body.

Through these treatments, patients may experience significantly more positive experiences from typically subtle events, with heightened senses. This increased positive outlook can help patients improve their lifestyles and work to maintain them.

Network Spinal Analysis care has been effective for many types of patients, and you can be on the road to recovery and consistently good health if an NSA decides it’s right for you.

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