How To Keep Your Business Safe and Secure


When it comes to business, security is a top priority—not only security for your firm,but also security for your clients. If your clients have entrusted your company with valuable information, they expect said information to remain confidential. Regardless of whether your company is a multi-million dollar business, or a small firm beginning to make a name for itself, all businesses are vulnerable to burglaries, embezzlement scams, liability lawsuits, and data hacks.

Take precautions and preventative measures in order to spare your business and your clients from begin unlawfully attacked. Here are five security measures to take in order to keep your business safe and sound:

Investing in a security system that includes security cameras and security guards will be beneficial to the well being of your company. Utilizing a company like to protect your business will ease any concern you or your clients may have about the sensitivity of client information, especially if you run your business out of your home.


Security systems can be as minimal or eleaborate as needed. Depending upon the size of your company, you can determine how extensive a security system is appropriate. For some companies, a sounding alarm and motion detectors will suffice, while other companies may find security guards, especially during the night, useful.

Often times the worst security breaches come from within. An untrustworthy employee or unscrupulous partner can be easily persuaded to steal from your company. While it can be difficult to detect if an employee is untrustworthy, one of the best measures you can take before hiring an employee is to ask for references. If an interview goes well, often times employers will not take the time to inquire about references; however, receiving feedback from former employers can divulge quite a bit of information about their character as an employee.

Before promoting a new employee to handle valuable information, be sure you have monitored their habits. With sensitive information, allow only trusted employees access.

In this digital age, one of the most severe attacks a company can receive often comes in the form of hacking. Often times far worse than a physical break-in, a hacker can access all private information, and if they are good enough, they can leave lthe ittle trace as to who they are. Be sure to run network scans often. These scans will reveal weak areas in your network that could be easily exploited by a hacker.

Port scans, network scans, and vulnerability scans are several options to test your network. Using these scans will reveal areas that are unprotected that occur from software updates or a lack of viable security.

As it is nearly impossible to protect your company from all forms of hacking and software viruses, it is crucial that all important data be encrypted. Encrypting data makes it far more difficult for a hacker, for the data is in essence coded. The only way to access the data through a protected portal that can decode the encryption.

Don’t let your business be an easy target when there are preventative measures available to secure it.

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