Should You Consider Taking Human Growth Hormone Supplements?


Whether you look for growth hormone treatment for your child, or for your own, it is essential to know about the possible side effects of the treatment. So, when it comes to get a health supplement, or simply a prescription drug, you might want to do your part of research on what you buy. In keeping with this, you cannot afford to miss some very important facts about growth hormones.

The Most Recognizable Side Effects

Natural growth hormone is secreted from the endocrine system of your body. The endocrinal glands are made from a number of chemical compounds. Together, these compounds are called hormones, which get into the bloodstream. The pituitary gland is an important part of the endocrinal system. This gland plays a vital role in the overall growth of your body. Hence, patients suffering from growth deficiency are often re commended HGH. While it is very effective in its job, there are some moderate side effects from growth hormones. For example, it tends to make your pituitary gland ‘lazy’. In other words, the gland might decrease the rate of its hormone secretion.


You can also land up with some other type of spinoffs. These include fluid retention, Acromegaly, painful joints, gynecomastia (or breast enlargement in males) and liver damage. Acromegaly appears to be one of the most serious effects of injudicious consumption of HGH supplements. This leads to an abnormal overgrowth of bones in the jaw, forehead and other extremities. This can eventually lead to a heart attack and death.

Increasing Growth Hormone

The growth hormone that the pituitary glands produce is also known as Somatotropin. Basically, this Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps in increasing the length of the bones. It also helps in tissue development. You might need an HGH treatment only if your body fails to produce adequate quantity of HGH. Doctors often prescribe it to manage dysfunctional or malfunctioning glands. This can either lead to over-secretion or under-secretion of HGH. However, you cannot kick-start using these supplements legally unless you have been diagnosed to suffer from HGH misbalance. This can be accomplished after different clinical examinations. They include    GH provocation test, Arginine test, GH, HGH, and somatotropin testing, Insulin tolerance test (ITT) and    GH stimulation test.

Benefits Vs Side Effects of HGH

If you are still in a dilemma about taking HGH supplements, then you might want to consider the drawbacks, as well as the benefits. That being said, you must have learnt that these days, HGH supplements are not merely used to treat impaired growth. Even bodybuilders looking for a fast buildup of muscles take it in pills, as well as in injectable forms. The supplements are undoubtedly quite effective to make it. But you can expect moderate side effects from growth hormones, as well. For example, if you stop taking the supplements or injections abruptly, then you are likely to suffer a ‘rebound effect’. This means, you might lose the benefits that you have so far experienced. Again, a good quality HGH supplement can deliver very mild side effects. However, they can be pretty costly.

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