The Best Hgh Supplements And How They Work


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the body. This is the hormone responsible for a child to grow into an adult.  HGH is a natural testosterone booster and the artificially synthesized form is taken in conjunct with anabolic steroid to help boost testosterone production. The secretion of this hormone is essential all through the life as it not just enables growth but is responsible for cell regeneration, muscle growth, maintaining healthy human tissue. HGH has many benefits irrespective of being naturally produced or taken as a supplement.


Benefits of HGH supplements

Weight loss – taking HGH along with anabolic steroids has proven to reduce the weight and fat percentage in the body. This should be taken along with following a proper diet and exercise program. When followed religiously the lean mass increases and the fat is metabolized.

Improved erectile dysfunction – A study shows that HGH is responsible for male reproductive function and sexual maturation. As GH is also responsible for the release of testosterone it can easily be related to increasing the potency of a person.

Reduced Cardiovascular disease – Growth hormone deficiency causes impairment in the lipoprotein metabolism which leads to higher risk of cardiovascular diseases in adults. These patients have higher body mass and triglyceride concentration when compared to normal individuals. Visit to know more.

Better mood and cognitive function – Growth hormone leads to a feeling of well being in everyone. So its obvious that a deficiency of growth hormone leads to the opposite. HGH supplement intake has proven to improve the well being as well as improves the cognitive function of the brain.

Improves quality of sleep – Lack of sleep adversely affects the pituitary and hypothalamus functions, so there is decreased release of growth hormone in people who work the night shifts or night owls. This decrease in growth hormone is seen in the morning after the sleep deprived night and it effects the mood and complete biological clock of the person.

So, after seeing the above said benefits of HGH supplements the question arises of when and how can a person use them. To answer this, bodybuilders use HGH supplements along with anabolic steroids to increase muscle growth, increase fat metabolizing and in turn increase lean mass, increase performance, boost muscle power and increase healing capacity. The recommended dosages depends on if you are a first time user or experienced professional. Your doctor will recommend the dosage according to the desired outcomes and it is advisable to follow the same so as to minimize the risk of side effects. Prescription HGH can be obtained from anywhere as there is proof for the reason of purchase. The cost of original HGH supplements is high, which is, a few thousand dollars, so it should be bought from trustable sources which can be concluded by reviews of the product online, recommendations from fellow users or from the coach. Online purchase should be made after researching a lot and from valid sources as nothing of quality comes witha cheap price tag.

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