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About Botox

What is Botox?

Botox is a medically verified non-surgical, invasive treatment for wrinkles and fine lines that start appearing once we cross our 30s. The term Botox basically means the use of the neurotoxin to battle ageing.  Botox has been deemed as the best aesthetic treatment by the cosmetic industry. Its facial and figure improving procedures have taken the world by a storm since its advent 50 years ago. It is an economical, painless procedure with a very short downtime and no side effects.

How does it work?

Botox is a neurotoxin that upon being injected into the muscles, inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses to the target muscles. This induces voluntary controlled paralysis in the facial muscles. As a result, the muscles can no longer contract and remain relaxed, giving the surface of the skin smooth and wrinkle-free appearance. It is renowned for its anti-ageing effects. It is a highly effective and safe treatment for treating lines, wrinkles and other medical conditions.

This neurotoxin is produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The use of a small, diluted amount of this toxin can be used for the advantage of humans for aesthetic purposes. Aestheticians can control voluntary weakening of the muscles as it causes muscle paralysis and blocks muscle contractions. It is used for both aesthetic and medical purposes but mostly for treating wrinkles, crow’s feet, eyebrow lifts, frown lines, facelift, turkey necks, chin lines, nasal flaring, oily T-zones, bunny lines, hyperhidrosis, migraine, jaw reformation etc.

About Botox

Well-Known Anti-Ageing Treatment

Botox has and continues to be the most popular treatment among women for skin rejuvenation to hide their age and appear younger. It is one of the first non-surgical aesthetic treatments that has made its mark in the field and continue to live up to its claims with more and more improvements appearing on the scene with the scientific breakthroughs.

What is the procedure for Botox?

It is a procedure free of discomfort, hence no anaesthesia is required. Botox injection is prepared by reconstituting the crystalline substance with saline or other liquid. The amount varies depending on the age and intensity of lines and wrinkles. Botox is injected on a specific muscle spot in accordance with the vice you have chosen to treat. The area is cleaned with a non-alcoholic cleanser.

The injection pattern usually includes four to five upper facial areas on each side of the face. This may change depending on the type of wrinkles being treated.  After the injection, the patient may lie on the table for about five minutes to ease the dizziness but after that lying down is to be avoided for a few hours. It takes a minimum of 3 and maximum 10 days for the treatment to start working. Hence, the results will start to be visible in a week. The precautions required during the downtime are cutting back on alcohol consumption and anti-inflammatory medicines.

The treatment is carried out by aesthetic practitioners who have undertaken Botox courses and are quite adept at treating facial flaws and ageing.

How long do the results last?

The results of Botox treatment last for about four to six months. After a maximum of six months, wrinkles start re-appearing as the effect of neurotoxin starts to fade. Although the wrinkles will be less severe they will still require retreatment.

What are the side-effects of Botox?

There are no threatening or long-lasting side effects. Temporary inflammation and bruising are the most commonly reported side effects. Headaches are also common but they usually resolve within 24 hours. Apart from these, very rarely some patients suffer from eyelid drooping or brow drooping. It usually resolves too in a maximum of 3 weeks.

What are the uses of Botox?

Botox for medical conditions

For medical purposes, people suffering from bruxism or TMJ disorder can have Botox injections in their jawline which not just reduces the size of jaw but also relieves pain associated with it. Besides this, Botox is used to treat hyperhidrosis which is excessive sweating by getting Botox injections in the upper facial region.

Botox has also been approved by the FDA for treating chronic migraines. Although the effects of botox remain for a short time period, it is quite effective as compared to the migraine medications. It helps to minimise the intensity of migraine headaches and reduces its symptoms. The injections are given in the neck, head and shoulders at specific spots. This helps to relieve muscle tension which is possibly causing migraine headaches. It is also helpful in reducing the frequency and intensity of severe migraines.

It is important to note that you should get the medical treatments with botox only from a certified and trained cosmetic practitioner. Only then you will be able to get the results expected from botox injections for medical reasons.

Botox for aesthetic treatment

·       Upper facial Lines and wrinkles

As one age, the cell walls of the dermal cell layer start losing their stronghold and elasticity which causes the skin to sag due to the continuous use of the facial muscles to make expressions over the years. Hence, wrinkles and lines are formed on the upper face and surrounding area. These wrinkles give a very aged impression of the face.

By getting Botox, the muscle cells of the face are stricken tight and are unable to contract, giving a very younger, fresher look.

·       Frown Lines

A Botox brow lift is used to treat these parallel depressions on the forehead in the form of horizontal and vertical lines so that the face doesn’t give facially negative expressions.

After the Botox injections, a shiny and smooth forehead is obtained as the skin tightens and the wrinkles are eliminated.

·       Crow’s Feet

Creases on the outer side of the eye are known as Crow’s Feet. With ageing and exposure to the sun, these lines appear due to former and continue to deepen due to the latter. The Botox Anti-wrinkle treatment injections are used to treat these static lines that give a weary look to the face.

Botox is a highly effective drug for both aesthetic and medical purposes. But it should only be administered by a trained and qualified practitioner to give you the desired results, minimise side effects and downtime. 

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